This is a tough one…

Since 1994, when FPSR first opened its doors, there have been many employee changes, except for one:  Cindy Swim.  Cindy accepted a job with Dr Miller in his former practice, and when he started FPSR, she came along as the administrator and has been instrumental in the success of this practice ever since.  Cindy has worked tirelessly over the years to make sure that the practice ran smoothly and to ensure that our patients were treated fairly and taken care of in a kind manner.  Her job has not been easy, for many reason, but she has always managed to show grace and respect to our patients and to our staff.

So why are we writing about her today?  It is because on Friday, June 2, we will celebrate her retirement.  She has decided to leave her chair (that only she has sat in since 1994) and move to the coast.  It has not been an easy decision for her to leave the company and people that she has been with for most of her adult life.  Though we are sad to see her leave, we are excited for her to be able to retire at the beach.  To say she will be missed is a drastic understatement!  Cindy is a great manager, leader, and co-worker.

So if you are in the office in the next few days, you may see some red, teary eyes as she transitions into her life of leisure.  It sure will be different here without Cindy.  Best wishes for a happy retirement and THANK YOU for all that you have done!  You are THE BEST!!!

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