Delivering Personalized Preventative Care

Our Concierge Program

Dr.  John A. Siedlecki offers a concierge program for patients interested in a greater focus on wellness and prevention. Membership includes a comprehensive annual screening physical, dedicated time for participants, a separate phone line for your office-hour needs and our personal cell numbers for emergency contact.

Patients of all ages and lifestyles have been enthusiastic about the convenience and personalized service of the concierge program. Our patients look forward to punctual and unhurried visits. They value the opportunity to have the physician review medical issues on the telephone with them and with their families. Travelers, business professionals and students appreciate that they can receive service by telephone when they have been far from home. Whether you are completely healthy or have medical conditions, there is no better investment than in your health. A physician who really knows you and is there for you is key to the excellent and convenient care you deserve.

Proactive and Preventative Care

The program is dedicated to proactive, preventive care that is convenient and comforting. Membership is limited. During concierge hours, we see one or two patients per hour and will deliver an annual preventive screening physical examination and follow-up care.

As a result, regular appointments are available same day or next day. The advantage for members is more personal time with us for your medical care; more time for advice, advocacy and emotional support; and more time to help you manage all of your health care needs.

Enhanced Coordination of Referrals

What happens to you medically outside the office is as important to us and our staff as it is to you. We will help you coordinate your specialty care and diagnostic needs. Not only can we help schedule these services, but we will follow up to get the results quickly and review them with you. When needed we will help you with specialist appointments.

Concierge Program Benefits

Every patient in our Concierge Choice Program receives an annual comprehensive physical examination that will help us create a wellness plan for you based on your individual needs. It includes elements that go beyond what regular physicals contain.


  • A comprehensive patient history and physical including health risk appraisals, lab panel, vision screening, vital signs
  • Nutritional assessment & fitness counseling
  • Stress management counseling
  • Extended, unhurried office visits for the physical and any follow-up appointments
  • No more than 2 appointments per hour during concierge time
  • Direct availability to your physician 24/7 via cell phone or email
  • A private dedicated office phone number
  • Physician to physician coordination of specialty referrals

Make Your Health a Top Priority


What do you most love to do? Travel? Spend time with your children or grandchildren? Play golf? Without good health, energy, and peace of mind, it is impossible to truly enjoy all the activities that you love. Make an investment in your health and you can better enjoy all the other aspects of your life. A concierge physician who knows you and is always there for you is the key to the excellent care you deserve. We can take time to sort out complicated problems and can be your advocate when you need a specialist.



Concierge Coordinator

Concierge patients have a dedicated person to assist with making appointments, sending messages to physicians, and answering any billing questions.  They even have a private, dedicated phone number to call so that they can bypass the front desk.  FPSR is excited to announce that Chrissy is here to help our Concierge patients.  Chrissy has been with FPSR for many years and we are so pleased that she is our point of contact for our Concierge patients.

Membership is limited. When you enroll, your membership is activated at the beginning of the month. Please let us know if we can personally answer any questions you have about the program during your next visit. You may also reach Concierge Choice Physicians at (877) 888-5565 with any questions that you may have regarding our program.

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