Dr. Miller is heading to Tokyo for the Olympic Games

Every Olympics is unique. The Tokyo Olympic Games will be no exception. The prime objective will be to keep athletes, officials, and support staff safe in the era of COVID.

During the London and Rio Games, Dr. Miller’s major roles have been in overseeing the health care set-ups in several of the aquatic venues–meaning those sites where competition is conducted in Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Artistic Swimming (formerly known as Synchronized Swimming), Water Polo, and Diving. In addition, he was one of many overseeing Doping Control which involves athlete notification and over site of testing.

Tokyo adds another wrinkle to his responsibilities, specifically as a COVID-19 Liaison Officer (CLO)). the CLO is assigned to work a venue (athletes, coaches, and staff) or a collection of Olympic volunteers to oversee strict adherence to COVID guidelines as designated by the IOC (International Olympic Committee), Tokyo Olympic Committee, the Government of Japan, and the WHO (World Health Organization). These guidelines include basics such as compliance with masks and social distancing, as well as daily COVID testing on all athletes and a great majority of the 80,000 volunteers, officials, and staff required to put on the Olympic Games. It also includes approaches to positive testing with required isolation and potential hospitalization. Testing coming into Japan and leaving to return home is also a topic.

In summary, Dr. Miller has A LOT to do over a 3 week period leading up to the immediate time prior to the Games all the way to the closing ceremonies, noting that there are already athletes in Tokyo training for the Olympic Games!

FPSR is very proud of the work Dr. Miller does. We will all be watching to see if we spot him poolside during the games.

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